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4th Grade Team » Science Topics

Science Topics

Houghton-Mifflin Units and Chapters 
Unit A: Ecosystems
Chapter 1: Parts of Ecosystems
      Lesson 1: What are Nonliving Parts of Ecosystems?
      Lesson 2: What are Living Parts of Ecosystems
      Lesson 3: What are Some Land Ecosystems?
      Lesson 4: What are Some Water Ecosystems?
Chapter 2: Interactions of Living Things
      Lesson 1: How do Organisms Depend on Each Other?
      Lesson 2: How are Organisms Adapted to Survive?
      Lesson 3: How do Organisms Compete?
Unit B: Energy and Matter in Ecosystems
Chapter 3: Energy in Ecosystems
      Lesson 1: What are Food Chains?
      Lesson 2: What are Food Webs?
      Lesson 3: What are Microorganisms?
Chapter 4: Matter in Ecosystems
      Lesson 1: How is Matter Cycled in an Ecosystem?
      Lesson 2: How do People Affect Ecosystems?
      Lesson 3: How can Ecosystems be Conserved?
Unit C: The Solid Earth
Chapter 5: Rocks and Minerals
      Lesson 1: What are the Properties of Minerals?
      Lesson 2: How are Minerals Identified?
      Lesson 3: How do Rocks Differ?
      Lesson 4: What is the Rock Cycle?
Chapter 6: Rapid Changes on Earth
      Lesson 1: What are Earth Quakes?
      Lesson 2: What are Volcanoes?
      Lesson 3: What are Landslides?
Chapter 7: Slow Changes on Earth
      Lesson 1: What are Weathering and Erosion?
      Lesson 2: How Does Water Shape the Land?
      Lesson 3: How do Ice and Wind Shape the Land?
Unit D: Electricity and Magnetism
Chapter 8: Electricity
      Lesson 1: How do Charges Behave?
      Lesson 2: What is Electric Current?
      Lesson 3: How is Electricity Used?
Chapter 9: Magnetism and Electromagnets
      Lesson 1: How do Magnets Behave?
      Lesson 2: What is Earth's Magnetic Field?
      Lesson 3: How are Electromagnets Used?
      Lesson 4: How Can Energy be Conserved?