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Progress Reports and Report Cards Coming Via ParentSquare

LEUSD’s official communications platform, ParentSquare, will be used to deliver progress reports and report cards electronically, in lieu of printed, bulk mail distribution, this fall.

According to Dr. Doug Kimberly, LEUSD Superintendent, “Providing parents with a direct connection to student progress supports student achievement. Technology such as ParentSquare can increase parent engagement.”

The table below lists LEUSD’s delivery dates via ParentSquare for PROGRESS AND REPORT CARDS. A list of Frequently Asked Questions related to accessing and using ParentSquare continues at bottom.




PROGRESS REPORT (Elementary, Secondary)

October 18, 2019

REPORT CARD, 1st SEMESTER (Elementary, Secondary)

January 17, 2020

PROGRESS REPORT (Elementary, Secondary)

March 27, 2020

REPORT CARD, 2nd SEMESTER (Elementary, Secondary)

June 5, 2020

*Note: unsatisfactory progress or “D-F” notifications will be sent separately.




Q:       Are report cards and other reports sent via ParentSquare secure to protect student privacy?

A:        Yes. ParentSquare is secure and includes privacy safeguards. Grade Reports sent via ParentSquare require a parent or guardian to login to their ParentSquare account in order to view a secure PDF file, such as a progress report or semester report card. ParentSquare report card notifications also hide critical identification, such a child’s Student ID number, to further protect privacy.

Q:       How can I access my child’s report card on my mobile phone, PC, or Internet device?

A:        A parent or guardian can access their child’s grade report, or other reports, on a smartphone, PC or any Internet device once you have created a ParentSquare account. ParentSquare includes an optional App for Apple and Android devices. ParentSquare will signal you about the availability of your child’s report card with an SMS text, personal email, and on the ParentSquare App.

Q:       Do I need to have the ParentSquare App on my phone or device to receive a report card?

A:        No, a parent or guardian will also receive their child’s report card, and other reports, through an email account registered with the district in Infinite Campus. A text alert containing a link will also be delivered to your mobile phone number registered with LEUSD when you set up your Parent Portal account in Infinite Campus.

Q:       How will I receive a report card or other reports if I do not have a PC, mobile, or Internet access?

A:        The Lake Elsinore Unified School District is keeping track of student households that do not have access to the Internet, lack private email accounts, or who do not have a registered mobile telephone number. These student households will continue to be notified by mail for progress reports, report cards, and other student-related correspondence, in addition to ParentSquare notifications.

Q:       How do I activate my ParentSquare Account for the first time?

A:        Any LEUSD parent or guardian can activate an account for the first time by completing the Sign Up and Password prompts at the following URL:

Q:       Can I get the free ParentSquare App for my iPhone or Android device?

A:        Yes. Simply visit the App Store (Apple) or Google (Android) to download the free App to your mobile phone or device. The optional ParentSquare App makes receiving ParentSquare posts, smart alerts, and report card information more convenient, by allowing users to set the priority and preferred delivery options, and to track multiple schools where your child(ren) attend. Source: Sign In Page