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4th Grade Team » Social Studies Topics

Social Studies Topics

Scott Foresman Units and Lessons
Unit 1: The Land of California
  Lesson 1: How do you locate places on Earth?
  Lesson 2: How is Earth divided?
  Lesson 3: How are the areas of California different?
  Lesson 4: How have California's landforms and water affected settlement?
  Lesson 5: How are California's communities alike and different?
Unit 2: Early People in California
  Lesson 1: How did early people live in California?
  Lesson 2: How did early Europeans come to California?
  Lesson 3: How did the Spanish change how California Indians lived?
  Lesson 4: What was Spain's influence in California?
  Lesson 5: What was life like in Spanish and Mexican California?
  Lesson 6: How did California's early economy change?
  Lesson 7: How did the Mexican War for Independence affect California?
  Lesson 8: How did Mexican rule affect California?
Unit 3: Early History to Statehood
  Lesson 1: Where were California's settlements?
  Lesson 2: How and why did people travel to California?
  Lesson 3: How did the discovery of gold affect California?
  Lesson 4: How did women help California grow?
  Lesson 5: How did California's government change?
Unit 4: Growth and Development Since 1850
  Lesson 1: How did the movement of people and ideas change California?
  Lesson 2: How did the Gold Rush change California's economy?
  Lesson 3: How did different people coming to California affect our state?
  Lesson 4: How have immigration and settlement helped California grow?
  Lesson 5: What was California's role in the twentieth century?
  Lesson 6: What new industries came to California in the twentieth century?
  Lesson 7: How did California's water system develop?
  Lesson 8: How did California's education system develop?
  Lesson 9: How have Californians made our state unique?
Unit 5: California Government
  Lesson 1: Why was the United States Constitution Created?
  Lesson 2: How does the California Constitution affect you?
  Lesson 3: How are federal, state, and local governments alike and different?
  Lesson 4: What does our state government do for us?
  Lesson 5: How are California's communities governed?